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Umbria in Quad

  Umbria in Quad: Excursions in Quad team  or individually around the lake of  Trasimeno or in mountains , it is a sport for the anybody who wants some fun, holding a valid driving license and would like to participate. The cost is euro 80 for 5 […]

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Lago Del Baffo – fly fishing in tuscany

  The Artificial fishing lake of “Baffo” near Cortona, fly fishing in tuscany ,italy About 5 km from La Mucchia casa vacanze, there is an artificial lake called “Il Lago del Baffo” translated to English, means ” the lake of the mustache “, around the lake you can […]

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Rent scooter for a day

Rent Scooter for a day “We rented a Vespa for the day from Claudia. We arrived at around 10:00 am and Claudia gave us some wonderful ideas for a day around Lake Trasimeno. These included Panicale and Paciano and other stops around the lake. Each stop was […]

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