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Travel in Tuscany at your own pace

Travel in Tuscany at your own pace

Travel in Tuscany at your own pace

The most pleasure a traveler can achieve from a holiday ,is the fact that the itinerary is designed for him and his budget , and is conducted  at his pace.

 We came to the conclusion that there are many tourists who would like to travel, but for various reasons they renounce. For different reasons, but especially when it comes to relatively older tourist or  persons with some physical limitations .

 Like when you need to rent a car and you are uncomfortable driving  on your own in a foreign country with different laws .

Or when you don’t want to join an organized tour because you have to comply with the group’s pace, a group, which is not always homogeneous in terms of age or ability , so the pace will change periodically.

Or when you prefer to determine the route and visiting days , and package  the tour offers does not always correspond to it.

Or when you would want to relax more in the hotel and take short trips with a private car and guide, according to your wishes. No package deal with a group can offer you this..

I listed all the reasons, that prevent tourists to go on their dream holiday ,because there is no organized tour that suits them completely, so we decided to offer this package, built by us and successfully tested.

As an  example we show you the following case : A pair of American tourists from California responded to the ads we published on our website They asked for a tour package to suit their needs and their budget. The couple in question is  about 65 , the husband had  a bad knee and  had to walk carefully and slowly , the woman also had some health issues . Their budget was their savings of many years , they wanted to fulfill a dream , a trip to Tuscany .

We did not have much experience with tailor-made tours, but we nevertheless decided to realize their dream. For us ,it could have been a loss of time and possibly money , but that’s not what motivated us when we responded , we wanted to experiment and find out  if and how it works.

 After we received their consent and contemporary deposit fees, we booked direct airfare from Los Angeles to Rome , we knew a stopover can be complicate for them, due to lack of orientation , especially when it comes to unhealthy people with luggage.

At their arrival , we waited for them at the airport with a small sign , we met and helped them carry the luggage to the car , off we went.

Already on the road to our destination in Cortona they started to  photograph the view, but the long flight and the two-hour trip tired them and they fell asleep . When we arrived at the residence, the double bedroom apartment with living room, kitchen and bathroom , a balcony with table and chairs in the front with stunning view, was ready for them.

Food in the fridge was acquired after we received specifications about their  eating habits. We let them rest from the trip and arranged to meet the next morning whenever they were ready , they were  left an Italian phone in  case and they  needed to contact us.

 The next few days were memorable for them , all trips were at their pace , a little walking, than sitting in cafes and watching the human landscape , churches , museum, actually they visited almost all the important cities in Tuscany ,The road to Montepulciano ,wine country, when traveling from Cortona is one of the most beautiful itineraries in Tuscany , Arezzo, county seat of the Valley of Chiana as the center of ancient churches, decorated with frescoes by the greatest painters of the renaissance , Pienza is the town known for it’s pecorino cheese, and there you can taste the best goat cheese and red wine in the world, Siena is a city ,where the ” Palio ” a horse race run in the main square of the town, takes place, twice yearly since the fifteenth century . It also has an ancient synagogue hidden between the houses. The medieval city of Assisi ,birth town of Saint Francis, endless panorama view of the church where he is buried , Cortona is the second most important art city after Florence , Luca Signorelli , fifteenth century artist,and Piero della Francesca left their mark . The movie “under the Tuscan Sun” was filmed there and the home of the writer of the bestseller ,Frances Mayes, in town, has become a must-see to all Americans, who want to be photographed next to it. The American couple  loved Cortona very much ,and asked to visit it several times .


senior citizens tours

senior citizens tours

We accompanied them on all trips, we explained to them about the places, we brought them back to the hotel, often they asked to stay in Cortona for few hours and buy souvenirs, so we set a meeting place, they would phone us when wanted to return, and we came to take them back to the hotel and on the way we went to the supermarket to buy other food products.

Ten days later , we brought them to the airport in Rome and they flew back home , full of experiences and photos , and of course souvenirs for the grandchildren and their friends in the United States, the farewell was emotional , they thanked us with hugs and tears ,because we made their dream come true .

Since then, we have had a few small groups, up to eight people , and the experience was repeated again and again.

So, if a trip like that suits you , contact us , explain your special needs , we will know how to realize your dream .