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Medieval accommodation in Tuscany: The advantages for your vacation.

Landscape in Tuscany

Landscape in Tuscany

Known in Italy as Agriturismo, farmhouse for rent, holiday home rentals, and vacation house rentals, all those search phrases are suitable for those looking forward to a weekend gateway, or even multi-week vacations in Tuscany or other regions of Italy. More vacation rental home owners are aware of the fact that people are travelling abroad and going for holidays more often, mainly to unwind and spend quality time with loved ones.

Tuscany itself has about 10 millions visitors each year out of 30 millions tourists in Italy. Due to this, more farmhouses and holiday homes are made available, sometimes even whole year round, to accommodate holidaymakers’ needs. Beyond historical getaways, some people are looking forward to spend the vacation in another town, or in another country, and Tuscany has much to offer, especially, for Americans the big “boom” started after the movie and the novel “under the Tuscan sun” of Frances Mayes. Luxury hotels used to be the norm, but the accommodation habits is seeing a change with more people looking up different vacation accommodation, such as authentic medieval farmhouses rentals.

Depending on your budget, there are various farmhouse rentals available to meet your needs. From high-end luxury estates next to main Tuscan cities, with comfort and easy day trip excursions to remote small farmhouses hided between sunflower camps and mountains, each property for rent is unique by design and geographical location. For an extra sum, you get the whole house to yourself, including the facilities and amenities that come with it.

Unlike hotel and resort, there is a certain kind of flexibility and homeliness to staying in a house property, with the extraordinary feeling of going back in time, sleeping under Tuscan beam roof old 300-400 years. There are also reputable agencies managing and overseeing the different home rentals around the world, they charge from the owners between 10-15% of commission, so better go directly to the owner and ask for discount. If you prefer to go by agency and you’ve set your eyes in a particular destination, all you need to do is contact the managing agency and make appropriate arrangements. They will be more than glad to accommodate your needs and preferences.

During off-peak seasons, to start from January till end of March and from October till December, you will also get to enjoy promotional packages offered by homeowners. It is definitely worthwhile if there are a number of you going for the trip. A simple cost calculation may reveal that you pay much less compared to putting up in a five-star hotel. Vacation house rentals are a good choice of stay if you travel in larger groups or plan to stay for a longer period of time. Some properties will offer you also a nice swimming pool, a tennis court, a cook lessons, wine tasting, day trips, list of good and cheap restaurants, markets, museums and bike or horse back riding. If you travel with your small kids, some will have amusements to keep the children busy, letting you to have your relaxation with a magnificent view of sunflower fields.