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Restaurant Ambrosia


Restaurant Ambrosia

“In mythology, ambrosia is the food or the drink of the gods.From this I was inspired to give the name to my restaurant.I want my customers when eat the food cooked by me in a place with unique atmosphere and accompanied by the sound of running water behind them, with the Etruscan well, they feel special, like gods.” Those are the words of Matteo Sciarri, owner and chef of his restaurant Ambrosia, in via Dardano, in the hill town of Cortona.

The restaurant offers starters of Broccoli Flan with pecorino cheese or Swordfish “carpaccio with rocket and pomegranate vinaigrette at Euro 8-12 a portion,Traditional Ribollita” (Typical Tuscan bread soup with vegetables) or the main dish of Beef steak “Fiorentina” with mixed contours at euro 4,00 for 100 gr. And the desserts  (Typical parfait whith sponge cake. Ricotta cheese whit meringue, chocolate drops and Alchermes) euro 6,00

The atmosphere is cozy and special, you can hear the running water from the Etruscan well.

 Via Dardano 40, Cortona

Tel: 0575 604715, cell: 333 4688596

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