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Palazzo Viti in Volterra



Palazzo vitiPalazzo Viti


Palzzo Viti in Volterra is one of the finest private residential houses in Italy. There are 12 rooms open to the public, once you visit them, you have the feeling that the inhabitants are just went away an hour ago, it is all set as somebody lives there, the furniture and the porcelains, alabaster collections, oil paintings, and many valuable items fro Italian and oriental collections from 15th to 20th century.

The palace was visited by kings and personalities, and Visconti shoot few of his films in the palace. In part of the palace, the Viti family descendant are still living.

Opening hours: 10.00 AM – 13.00PM/ 14.30 PM – 18.30 PM Tel: 0588 84047 via dei sarti 41, Volterra (Tuscany)

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