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Osteria Acquacheta

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For “Meat lovers” – The Fiorentina Steak.

The “Osteria Acquacheta” of Giulio offers mainly veal meats Steak Fiorentino, and local traditional food. Using only local ingredients, which are chosen after a careful selection. The quality come first than presentation. The ambience is very cosy, friendly hosts. Guests just come to enjoy the food and the company, sitting all together on long tables covered with paper towel.

They do not accept any reservation by email. If you want to book a table you must call (+39) 0578 717086, don’t worry they speak English. If there is an answer machine leave your name and phone number, they will call you back.

Acquacheta is closed on Tuesdays. The other days there are two sittings hours at lunch time (at 12.15 and 2.15 PM) and two sittings hours for dinner (at 7.30 and 9.15 PM)

Site of Osteria  Acaquacheta

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  1. Rural Italy is becoming more and more adrmied with tourists. Tuscany is particularly attractive with hilly and mountainous land in much of the area. There are lovely valleys too and interesting Tuscan farm houses.

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