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Leonardo da Vinci Machines



Leonardo da Vinci Machines

Leonardo is one of the leaders of the union between humanism and science.
More than brilliant inventor, is a careful observer and interpreter of nature and technology of the Renaissance. The rich collection of models of his machines, reconstructed from the drawings, is the nucleus of this museum.

Over the past few years, the Museum is committed to sharing its heritage and experience in several international projects. Exhibitions, prestigious loans from the collection of historical models, workshops and seminars to raise awareness of the countries and cultures different life and work of Leonardo da Vinci.

discover one of the most important collections of machine models based on Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings and touch some of his most curious inventions.

Leonardo da Vinci Machines
Florence, via Cavour 21
Exhibit of the interactive machines reproduced from Leonardo’s codices

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  1. i really did goolge for the painting while still reading davinci code. but no matter how convincing the book might sounds, it is still a fiction that gathered facts here and there.but the painting at ur client’s place..somehow it reflects what is told in the story itself rather than the original one, dont u think? perhaps, this one was painted after the book? :)

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