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Bramasole – Under the Tuscan sun


Under the Tuscan sun – “Bramasole”

How to find the house from the book and the movie, Under the Tuscan sun – “Bramasole”, the original house which the writer bought and was base for her book under the Tuscann sun, followed by the movie.

You can walk to Bramasole  (real name is Villa Laura) from the “Under the Tuscan Sun” by foot or by car:

By Car: follow the city road around the walls to the left side of the walls, up the hill following the signs for Hotel Cory’s (to the top). when you get to hotel Cory’s, pass it, bare left at the fork and continue there is a small cafe bar at the apex of this fork. Take the left road of the fork and travel down hill. At a distance of about 500 meters you will see a car stop point on the left. Stop and look back and there you  will see the Bramasole, or go further and make u turn, (anyway you have to turn back because the road finish there.

By foot: from the panoramic terrace in piazza Garibaldi, enter the garden where there is a statue in the entrance, walk all along the garden, on the end you will see a small country club, take left the hill and climb till you will see the house on your left hand side.

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