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Coffee Bar in Cortona “Vannelli”

Bar Vannelli in Camucia Cortona

Bar Vannelli in Camucia Cortona

Coffee Bar in Cortona “Vannelli” is your Excellent choice for morning breakfast Italian style, pastries of all kind, fresh, cappuccino or hot “Latte”, tea, coffee, tables to sit, also outdoors in summer time, very kind owners , they speak English. It is our favorite bar in Sunday mornings. reasonable prices.

Viale Regina Elena, 52044 Camucia,Cortona (AR), Tel: 0575 603431

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  1. , You won’t want to go back that exact thought had just run gortuhh my mind. That is SO beautiful, all the senses immediately go on ALERT. And to think of combining the dining, beauty, business experience and is no doubt a winning combination.I’m not sure this will be the year for me to attend, but this experience is going on MY LIST for sure.Great great idea, great job!Anita

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