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Anghiari, the town, the views, the art


Anghiari, the town, the views, the art

There were many castles defending the Valtiberina and the valleys that led into it along the lines of attack that connected Arezzo to the Adriatic Sea.

You can find in the surroundings of  Anghiari, following the valley of the Sovara (the valley that is know as Swine valley (because of the quantity of pig farms), some castles built in ancients times to protect the town from attacks.

The castles of Montauto, Galbino and Sorci, are the important ones to see, but as years passed they have been transformed into private homes.If you would like to visit the castle from the inside, you must set an appointment with their owners.

There are many natural parks and reserves around the town ,as ”Riserva naturale dei Monti Rognosi”.

In the museum of Anghiari in the Palazzo Taglieschi ,you can  learn about the battle of Anghiari, made famous by Michelangelo in one of his paintings, “the battle of anghiari”.

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