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All’Antico Vinaio – Florence

antico vignaio

All’Antico Vinaio – Florence

At 2 steps from Piazza della Signoria, in Florence there  is the “house of the sandwiches”: sandwiches, foccacie and maxi foccacie from 4 to 7 euro, and don’t miss a little bottle of wine.

I got myself a big foccacia with truffle cream, grilled vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes, smoked cheese and prosciutto and it was fantastic.

1,130 excellent reviews on Tripadvisor are not mistaken, the place is a success for the four guys who run it and for the guests is absolutely the SANDWITCH HEAVEN !!!

There is big assortment of sandwiches with different spreads and many meat cuts and dairy products: in short, if you’re near there you are absolutely have to go there !

The only problem is the small size of the place, in fact the sandwich you eat in the street!!

Via dei Neri 65, 50100 Firenze, Italia Tel: 0552382723

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