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Tanagatta winery

The estate of Tanagatta winery is located in the area of an old convent where the friars worshiped Saint Lawrence. The estate was purchased in the ‘70s by Biagio Allegro who planted the first 2 hectares of vineyards in those years. The century-old olive grove which consisted of about

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The Abbey of San Galgano

The Abbey of San Galgano is in Gothic style, (The first to be built in Tuscany) built in 1218 by the Cistercian monks arrived from the south of the continent. The reason of the location is the vicinity to the river, the woods and good terrain for cultivation. The monastery of

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Poliziano Montepulciano winery tours

 Poliziano in Montepulciano winery Tours The cantina is open year round, they offer tours and wine tasting as well as traditional food cuisine. The winery’s productions are from wines of  Montepulciano, Cortona and Maremma zones. The winery comprises 120 hectars of vine yards for a total  production

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Pitigliano and the Jewish point

The continued existence of the Jewish community in Italy was in Pitigliano, were the wandering jews, escaped from the oppression of the Roman church and Florence regime, finally found a safe place to stay. Sovana, Sorano and Pitigliano, did not disappointed them. Today’s visitors who seek the

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Extremely beautiful in the Tuscany Chiana Valley

Your best location for your holidays in Chiana valley, Chianti valley and Orcia valley. If your plans are to stay at one location and make short trips each day to a different place, here we are giving you our suggestions for your holidays in Chianti, Chiana,Orcia and

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Golf Club Lamborghini

Golf Club Lamborghini was born with the intention of spreading the practice of golf. The 9-hole course Par 36 is large, without major changes in altitude. The new design of some of the holes and the continuous technical improvements is a fun for most demanding golfers. The

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Orvieto underground city

 Orvieto underground city There are 1200 caves under the entire town of Orvieto, you can visit only 2 of them. The escalation is easy, there are tours few times a day, the office is right in front of the Duomo of Orvieto: Piazza Duomo 23, ticket office of Orvieto Underground

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Cells of the capuchins cortona

Cells of the capuchins cortona First evidences about this hermitage of Saint Francis of Assisi are noted in 1211. “Le Celle” or The cells, refer to the tiny caves craved in the mountain to create lodgings to the Franciscan Friars. Entering the hermitage you can see on your right

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Bar 500 Cortona

  Bar 500  Cortona is owned by Emma and Rob, friendly hosts, it is a Wine Bar Restaurant located in the historical heart of Cortona, on the main street , via Nazionale .Established in 2005 and since then became very popular for our guests. You can stop for a

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Anghiari, the town, the views, the art

Anghiari, the town, the views, the art There were many castles defending the Valtiberina and the valleys that led into it along the lines of attack that connected Arezzo to the Adriatic Sea. You can find in the surroundings of  Anghiari, following the valley of the Sovara

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