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Cascata delle Marmore


Marmore Falls, in Italian “La Cascate delle Marmore”, Its history began in 271BC when the Roman consul Curio Dentato made a reclaimed work in the plain of Rieti realizing a canal of beyond two kilometers up the cliff of Marmore. During the last twenty years of the XIX century became the instrument of the water system regulation, used by energetic reasons for the rising industry. The using of water for industrial reasons, prevailed on the tourist and naturalistic connotations.
Today the Park of Marmore welcome the visitor leading through different excursion trails, to discover rocks and caves that characterized thegeology.

Opening hours:

MON – FRI     opening of Area:   10:00-19:00            opening of Falls:12:00-13:00      16:00-17:00

SATURDAY  opening of Area:    09:00-22:00          opening of Falls:  10:00-13:00     15:00-22:00                            

SUNDAY       opening of Area:    09:00-22:00          opening of Falls:10:00-13:00        15:00-22:00

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