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La Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo

  The Antiques Fair started in 1968. It takes place in Piazza Grande and in the nearby streets on every first Sunday of the month and on the Saturday before it. The exhibitors are from a lot of Italian city and the visitors are from all over […]

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La Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi

  La Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi is in the main street of arezzo. The objects present in Bruschi’s collection have been collected for years by the late Mr Bruschi. The foundation is taking care of the collection which is grouped in the exhibition based on their topography, […]

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Palazzo Viti in Volterra

      Palzzo Viti in Volterra is one of the finest private residential houses in Italy. There are 12 rooms open to the public, once you visit them, you have the feeling that the inhabitants are just went away an hour ago, it is all set as […]

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Leonardo da Vinci Le macchine

  Leonardo da Vinci Machines Leonardo is one of the leaders of the union between humanism and science. More than brilliant inventor, is a careful observer and interpreter of nature and technology of the Renaissance. The rich collection of models of his machines, reconstructed from the drawings, […]

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Siena è la capitale della provincia della Toscana

The town of Siena is the capital of the province of Tuscany , the most known is Piazza del Campo which is one of the most outstanding squares in Italy known for the horse raid (il Palio) taken place twice a year, for hundred years to go. […]

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