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La Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi

casa museo Ivan Bruschi


La Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi is in the main street of arezzo. The objects present in Bruschi’s collection have been collected for years by the late Mr Bruschi. The foundation is taking care of the collection which is grouped in the exhibition based on their topography, chronology and typology. The archaeological collection is of particular importance which includes objects from various periods, dating from prehistoric times to late ancient times.

You can visit the museum in Corso Italia number 14, every day between 10AM to 13PM/14PM-18PM (closed on Mondays)

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  1. These are old guys who spent their careers torenatilg the very situation they are faced with. They are incapable of anything else, because they would have to admit they were wrong all along. Many will be dead by the time it becomes life and death for their flocks. And I’m sure they have no clue why their churches are dying.

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