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Bagnoregio -La città che muore


Bagnoregio -La città che muore

Bagnoregio is mentioned for the first time in a document dating the year 600. This document is a letter that Pope St. Gregory the Great wrote to bishop of Chiusi to invite him to investigate the sacred writings of a certain John, who Aufrido called “Magister Militum” which was the bishop of Bagnoregio. In this period Bagnoregio was called “Balneum Regis” or “Balneoregium.”

The name “Bagnoregio” was also mentioned in Dante’s Paradise (XI, 128) as “Bagnorea” or “Bagnarea”. Some authors call it even “Balneoregio”

In Italian it is deformation of dialect, means “Royal bath”.

Bagnoregio is also home to S. Bonaventura, one of the brightest stars of Christianity known for his wisdom and virtue. Among the large group of writers and historians.

It should be noted that this city and the surrounding area are located on land subject to Earthquakes. The most violent earthquake in recorded history was in 11 June 1695, which destroyed almost the entire city.

The tougher still remained to live in Civita, but the vast majority, including the bishop and the Venerable Chapter of the Cathedral of St. Donato which was abandoned In the ancient village, leaving Civita forever to their sad fate of “dying city.” From this date the old city of Rota became in effect Bagnoregio.

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