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Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore

Abbey of Monte oliveto maggiore

This abbey goes back to the 13 century, the monks are Benedict,you will see 32 frescoes of the important Tuscany artists of the 13th century, also they have the antique herbalist pharmacy ,you can hear the Gregorian Chants, and visit the Church and the gardens, there is no charge, only at the parking place. It was founded in 1313 by Bernardo Tolomei, a jurist from one of the most outstanding families in Siena. In 1319 or 1320 it was approved by Bishop Guido Tarlati as Monte Oliveto, with reference to the Mount of Olives and in honour of Christ’s Passion. The monastery was begun in 1320, the new congregation being approved by Pope Clement VI in 1344.

Abazzia di Monte Oliveto Maggior (The Abbey of the big mount of olives) is about 40 km from us.

How to arrive: from the gates of La Mucchia take right, on the next cross take right, on the next cross take left, go untill you arrive to the direction “superstrada to Siena”  you take to road to the superstrada to Siena, pass Foiano and exit to A1, the 2 next exits too, you will see exit to ASCIANO go out and proceed to Asciano, then follow the road to CHIUSURE and you arrived.

Tel: 0577 707611, 53041 Asciano (SI)

Visit Times: 9.15 AM – 12.00AM, 15.15PM – 17.00PM

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