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Giorgio Vasari at the National Museum, Arezzo

Giorgio Vasari


Giorgio Vasari at the National Museum of medieval and modern Art Arezzo

Giorgio Vasari was born in Arezzo in July 30, 1511 and died in Florence in 1574. He is considered as one of the important painters and architects and historian of Tuscany.

Many of his ideas influenced the architect structures of Florence in the Medici period, among them the Uffizi building.

In this museum you can see in the entrance a huge painting of Vasari, “the wedding of Esther and Ossiro.

The museum is open from 8.30 to 19.30 closed on Monday.

via San Lorentino 8, Arezzo, Tel 0575-409050 some days are free of charge.

Just few steps further you can see the birth house of  Giorgio Vasari, and another museum dedicated only for his artworks.

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