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La Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo

Arezzo Fiera

Fiera del antiquariato Arezzo


The Antiques Fair started in 1968. It takes place in Piazza Grande and in the nearby streets on every first Sunday of the month and on the Saturday before it. The exhibitors are from a lot of Italian city and the visitors are from all over the world. Here you can buy ancient, rare and beautiful items. a TRIPADVISOR post mark this market in those words:

“ I went to the Arezzo antique fair and it was just a stunning town to hold the fair in. Fantastic assortment of items although not to many bargains to be had. The sellers didn’t really compromise on prices at all sadly. ( did get a hand painted 70 year old plate that I’m very pleased with though) We also went to Greve to another Antiques fair that i’d been told about in Oct but last year was the last and they aren’t holding one anymore, but it was still worth the trip to visit the lovely town that sits in a deep green valley. Thanks again for everyone’s advice. Oh I still adore the Leather market in Florecne, a girls dream really, Oh dear 4 more bags for my collection”

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