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Cooking Courses in Tuscany at La Mucchia

That unconcerned Italian way of life, that guests coming from all over the world, find so tempting and pleasing, la dolce vita, is unquestionably related to the Italians’ natural acquaintance of how to drink and eat well. In today’s culture, a lot of ancient gastronomic traditions of Italy’s different regional cuisines are still common. Traditional recipes passed through generations in the family and are kept in secrets. The dinner table is the main site of many conversations, debates and decisions; favorite foods evoke happy memories, good health and comfort. There is an old saying that “Italians live to eat while the rest of the world eats to live” still rings well today.

Where ever you go around the world, you will find Italian restaurants, pizza, cappuccino, red wine, pasta, all made in the Italian granny’s kitchen. To cook Italian, one can learn from books or the internet, to get recipes as much as he want, but to cook real Italian dish, made by Italian chef, this is another symphony. In our villa in Cortona, we organize cooking courses in Tuscany ,we create cooking classes in Tuscany upon request of our guests.

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