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Abbazia di San Michele Arcangelo in Passignano

The Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo in Passignano is a monastery of the Congregation Vallombrosana situated in the territory of the Chianti hills , in Passignano, near the town of Greve in Chianti , in the province of Florence (South of Florence). The monastery of Vallombrosa ,

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Bagnoregio -La città che muore

Bagnoregio -La città che muore Bagnoregio is mentioned for the first time in a document dating the year 600. This document is a letter that Pope St. Gregory the Great wrote to bishop of Chiusi to invite him to investigate the sacred writings of a certain John,

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Santuario francescano della Verna

Santuario francescano della Verna  We decided to visit the abbey of La Verna after reading at some blog of its importance, we did not regret it, and certainly we must add it to our “recommended spots of interest” in Tuscany. The landscape of the region of Casentino

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Cascata delle Marmore

Marmore Falls, in Italian “La Cascate delle Marmore”, Its history began in 271BC when the Roman consul Curio Dentato made a reclaimed work in the plain of Rieti realizing a canal of beyond two kilometers up the cliff of Marmore. During the last twenty years of the XIX century became the

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Abbazia di San Galgano

The Abbey of San Galgano is in Gothic style, (The first to be built in Tuscany) built in 1218 by the Cistercian monks arrived from the south of the continent. The reason of the location is the vicinity to the river, the woods and good terrain for cultivation. The monastery of

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Pitigliano La piccola Gerusalemme

The continued existence of the Jewish community in Italy was in Pitigliano, were the wandering jews, escaped from the oppression of the Roman church and Florence regime, finally found a safe place to stay. Sovana, Sorano and Pitigliano, did not disappointed them. Today’s visitors who seek the

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Orvieto città sotterranea

 Orvieto underground city There are 1200 caves under the entire town of Orvieto, you can visit only 2 of them. The escalation is easy, there are tours few times a day, the office is right in front of the Duomo of Orvieto: Piazza Duomo 23, ticket office of Orvieto Underground

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Anghiari, la città, la vista, l’arte

Anghiari, the town, the views, the art There were many castles defending the Valtiberina and the valleys that led into it along the lines of attack that connected Arezzo to the Adriatic Sea. You can find in the surroundings of  Anghiari, following the valley of the Sovara

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Parchi in Toscana: Lignano

  Parks in tuscany: Lignano is a beautiful setting in natural forest about 25 km from us, you go to the left above the bridge till the cross, take left, go for about 15 km till RIGUTINO in between the houses you will see to the right

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Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore

This abbey goes back to the 13 century, the monks are Benedict,you will see 32 frescoes of the important Tuscany artists of the 13th century, also they have the antique herbalist pharmacy ,you can hear the Gregorian Chants, and visit the Church and the gardens, there is no charge, only

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