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Ciclismo in Toscana, lungo Canale Maestro

canale maestro di chiana

Cycling in Tuscany along the Maestro Canal della Chiana is a bike ride through time and nature: you ride along waterways, in a natural landscape crossing towns and archaeology sites.

The path exist since the 16th century, and was important for the agriculture development of the Chiana valley. You can observe today the local farmers riding their bikes along the path carrying cheese, fruits, wine or olive oil of their production.

The path start in Arezzo and ends in Chiusi, with multiple ways of entering into the area along the way.

The Canale Maestro della Chiana’s cycle and pedestrian path which joins Arezzo to Chiusi is about 62 km long, and is protected and maintained for those who wish to travel slowly, either by bike or on foot. which makes it suitable for a family sporting tourism.

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