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Turismo Lento

Slow Tourism

Turismo Lento

When we use the term “Slow Tourism” we mean “quality time tourism”, slowness and local distinctiveness as factors that could give a competitive boundary in tourist development to well-known destinations which became a “Must” for the one visiting Tuscany.

The tour operator who is the planner of the itineraries must pay attention to a new image of the quality of life of the locals, which can be attractive to tourists.
Slow tourism means also authenticity in all the aspects of life of the localities which are not yet crowded by masses of tourists.
We are trying to develop models of itineraries that includes all the aspects of slow tourism such as: slow food (which is well known) to experience the environment by foot or by means of bikes as an alternative to cars, activities in the open air, such as picnics near the lake or in the forests, wine tours or cooking classes to gain knowledge of the local food and lifestyle and patterns of consumption, pottery and painting classes
We, at La Mucchia, are willing to plan for you your leisurely-Slow Tourism Vacation.

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