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Cortona Tuscany

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Cortona, in Italy, is one of the prime tourist locations in Tuscany. It has abundant and various events and opportunities for tourists. Cortona has plenty of top quality restaurants and trattorias, (restaurants in Tuscany are well known for their quality and variety of good meats and mushrooms, cheeses and wines) concerts in Teatro Signorelli, important churches such as the Basilica of Saint Marguerite, charming shops, antique markets, and breathtaking views from the Piazza Garibaldi panoramic terrace.  Each year in August, Cortona hosts the famous Tuscan sun festival.

Although it is hard to describe the richness of the Cortona experience in a few words, you can imagine walking the narrow Tuscan streets and climbing its beautiful stone stairs, sneaking a look into retreat churches and hidden backyard gardens, and taking a relaxed espresso in a friendly spot.  Cortona remembered will be as a lovely dream that remains vivid in your mind for countless years. If you wish, there are plenty of opportunities to spoil yourself in a bit of luxury in Cortona as well.

 There are many quality hotels and Villas for rent in Tuscany and around Cortona that will provide for a wide range of luxury, service, privacy, simplicity, and convenience needs. Travelers who stay at La Mucchia Casa Vacanze in the Cortona countryside is one of the nicest classic Tuscan homes in which you will enjoy Tuscan ambience and relaxed comfort in a large, 18th century stone farmhouse that has been artfully restored and divided into several private, self-contained, and beautifully decorated apartments.  Each retains unique rustic charm, yet provides modern conveniences, privacy, spaciousness, light, and comfort; this is why Cortona holiday rentals became so popular abroad.