Planning to go for a holiday of a life time? To rent suite in Tuscany, for your lodging? Maybe, to stay in Cortona which is considered by many, “The Jewel of Tuscany” and if you want to enjoy an unforgettable experience of Tuscany holiday we recommend Villa La Mucchia – A vacation farmhouse , built in 1760, in full countryside with breathtaking views over the hills and the town of Cortona..

Villa La Mucchia is a place where everyone should go at least once in his/ her lifetime. Beauty flows out of this house and its surroundings just as sweet sent flows out of a sweet smelling flower. It is one of the most beautiful farmhouses in Cortona, typical Tuscan Medieval home; it is like going back in time.

Villa La Mucchia is positioned at the foot of Cortona, an ancient Etruscan town, founded by the inhabitants of Umbria about 3000 years ago that’s even before the mighty Roman Empire was established. Villa La Mucchia is located among fields of sunflowers and is very close to 71 Country roads, linking the area to major urban centers, as well as to Florence – Rome Railway and to the Autostrada del Sole (A1) and the Perugia – Siena Freeway.

Villa La Mucchia is something that is to be seen to be believed. It’s where many artists have tried to capture the beauty of this place and present it in the form of painting which are exposed on the walls inside the suites. Many say that real beauty can never be captured; beauty cannot be seen it has to be experienced so if you want to experience real natural Tuscan beauty visit the site and go for the ultimate Tuscany vacation.

The beautiful farmhouse, turned into luxury suites hotel, is surrounded by 7000 sq meters of beautifully maintained gardens and lawns the view of which makes us believe that the saying “heaven lies on earth is actually true”. These beautiful gardens are the ones we have seen so many times in our dreams but never been able to see in real life and had actually come to believe that they don’t even exist. But coming here will change all your notions of that. This is a place of dreams which turns your holiday to a dream. Visit the site

Villa La Mucchia which is a “Vacation home” may look like an antique vacation farmhouse, but is equipped  with all the modern necessities of comfort including Air conditioner, Multi lingual Satellite flat screen television, internet access, orthopedic mattresses, indoor secured  parking place close to your suite etc. The farmhouse is divided into 8 suites for different comfort of lodgings. These included suites for large families (4+2) who would like to have some quality time among themselves, then the medium and small families (2+1) and it even has studio suit for those couples who like to spend some time with each other in this place of love and beauty. Each suite has an excellent view of the enthralling beauty of the surrounding area and anyone who comes here will not be disappointed when he leaves but would make a promise to himself to come back here once again in his life time.

Furthermore the compound even has various other facilities like children’s ground play area, swimming pool where we can see the dancing reflections of sunlight, swimming in the warm waters of which makes us wish that we may stay there forever, and for those interested in traveling by car, there are many options for a day trips.

So don’t you ever forget there is only one place to have the Tuscan experience of a life time there is no other place to go than “Villa La Mucchia – Casa Vacanza & Art Gallery ”the home you can feel  as, at home.”, stay with us, you wouldn’t regret it.

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