Restaurant Cosimo de Medici

Restaurant Cosimo de’ Medici is the restaurant workshop where they produce a quality product, a restaurant where they work and spend most of their time and 16 more people who form the brigades room and kitchen: a good team that does not leave anything to chance service and in the preparation of the dishes.

Claudio Fountains runs along with four other members.
The main feature of Cosimo is that the dishes of Tuscan cuisine is prepared and served with care and professionalism typical of many stars in the European hotel industry, the balance between good quality of food and service with affordable prices.

The dishes of the restaurant Cosimo de ‘Medici reflecting the great tradition of Tuscan cuisine: fresh pasta, pappardelle with hare and wild boar, potato ravioli, noodles with porcini mushrooms.
Major players on the table are typical ingredients of the region, served according to the rhythm of the seasons.

Thus, at the right time, the mushrooms become the ingredients of risottos and soups but among the main courses there is no history: the triumph of the Bistecca alla Fiorentina that made famous the room.

Another feature of the restaurant is that despite being a restaurant of passage, placed at the exit of the A1 motorway, has a large number of customers “fixed” who stop to eat even once a year, but with perseverance , expecting to find the same flavors.

Tel: 055 8420370 – 055 8420528 | Fax: 055 8420370 

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