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Bar 500 Cortona

  Bar 500  Cortona is owned by Emma and Rob, friendly hosts, it is a Wine Bar Restaurant located in the historical heart of Cortona, on the main street , via Nazionale .Established in 2005 and since then became very popular for our guests. You can stop for a […]

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Anghiari, the town, the views, the art

Anghiari, the town, the views, the art There were many castles defending the Valtiberina and the valleys that led into it along the lines of attack that connected Arezzo to the Adriatic Sea. You can find in the surroundings of  Anghiari, following the valley of the Sovara […]

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Bramasole – Under the Tuscan sun

Under the Tuscan sun – “Bramasole” How to find the house from the book and the movie, Under the Tuscan sun – “Bramasole”, the original house which the writer bought and was base for her book under the Tuscann sun, followed by the movie. You can walk […]

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MAEC Museum of Cortona

  MAEC Museum in Tuscany, Cortona, is one of the finest museums for the Etruscan period, there are some items discovered few years ago which are 3,000 years old and in perfect condition. The Museum is located at the Palace Casali (The palace of the lord of […]

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Parks in Tuscany: Lignano

  Parks in tuscany: Lignano is a beautiful setting in natural forest about 25 km from us, you go to the left above the bridge till the cross, take left, go for about 15 km till RIGUTINO in between the houses you will see to the right […]

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Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore

This abbey goes back to the 13 century, the monks are Benedict,you will see 32 frescoes of the important Tuscany artists of the 13th century, also they have the antique herbalist pharmacy ,you can hear the Gregorian Chants, and visit the Church and the gardens, there is no charge, only […]

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Cycling in Tuscany along Master canal

Cycling in Tuscany along the Maestro Canal della Chiana is a bike ride through time and nature: you ride along waterways, in a natural landscape crossing towns and archaeology sites. The path exist since the 16th century, and was important for the agriculture development of the Chiana valley. You can observe […]

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The antiques fair of Arezzo

  The Antiques Fair started in 1968. It takes place in Piazza Grande and in the nearby streets on every first Sunday of the month and on the Saturday before it. The exhibitors are from a lot of Italian city and the visitors are from all over […]

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La Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi

  La Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi is in the main street of arezzo. The objects present in Bruschi’s collection have been collected for years by the late Mr Bruschi. The foundation is taking care of the collection which is grouped in the exhibition based on their topography, […]

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Palazzo Viti in Volterra

      Palzzo Viti in Volterra is one of the finest private residential houses in Italy. There are 12 rooms open to the public, once you visit them, you have the feeling that the inhabitants are just went away an hour ago, it is all set as […]

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